November 16, 2022

Rethink how you grow

Rethink how you grow

All businesses need customers. And the happier those customers are, the more likely they are to buy again, and to recommend and refer your business to others. We call this customer experience-driven growth, and in today’s competitive and economically difficult environment, it’s key to driving successful growth for your organisation.

Our next webinar (1.30pm on November 25th) looks at how a genuine commitment to customer experience can be the foundation of your business growth. We’ll talk about the ways that service design, customer journeys, team involvement and good measurement can help your organisation focus on the things that matter.

Designing and delivering a great customer experience should involve your whole organisation, and focus on three important areas:

  • Designing your team and organisation around the customer experience
  • Creating a culture and environment that is conducive to customer success
  • Co-designing team ways of working that maximise ownership and share successes

If you are going to commit to making customer experience a differentiator for your business, you need to go back to first principles, starting with service design.

Service design focuses on understanding how customers use your products or services and designing those products or services around those needs. By incorporating service design into the overall process of building a brand, businesses can improve the overall user experience while also reducing costs associated with developing new features or redesigning existing ones.

You also need to understand your customer’s journey. Understanding how their needs work, how they research and investigate your product or service, and what they expect from the buying process will help you to identify the ‘moments that matter’. You can work to design and deliver outstanding experiences for them at those moments, helping to build delight in the process, engage for future purchases and drive customer loyalty.

And of course, this works at its very best when you involve your team in co-creating your customer service approach – which may be a departure from how you currently do business. It can transform not just the way your employees feel, but the whole experience your customer gets when they interact with you.

Join Barry McNeill, founder of Work Extraordinary to find out more about how you can develop a holistic and growth-focused approach to customer experience, helping your organisation to reach its full potential.

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