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An extraordinary workplace: Good for your people. Good for your business.  

The typical person spends 43 years at work. Imagine if, for 43 years of your life, work was a drain – a frustrating exchange of your time for money, without any sense of satisfaction or joy. That is the reality for too many. We should not tolerate this waste of human potential and talent. And, at Work Extraordinary, we don’t. Instead, we work with leaders and teams to make work a happy, motivated and productive place to be.

With us, you can create a workplace – a psychologically safe environment - where people feel they can use their strengths to do their best work, where they can share ideas and try new things out without any fear of repercussion or rebuke. Our leadership and talent experts give you the tools to engage, listen, and develop high-performing teams: to co-create great work cultures and to make work extraordinary.

Enhanced productivity with an empowered team

Employee engagement is vital to productivity and growth - the energy that people bring to work has a measurable impact on your business.

Did you know that a drop of just 1% in employee engagement increases the likelihood of staff attrition by 45%? As well as the direct cost of backfilling lost roles, departures can significantly impact the engagement and motivation of other team members.

How we can help

It all sounds good, right? But how does this work in practice? We work in a variety of ways with leaders and their teams to get them in the best place for accelerated and sustainable growth.

From Culture Workshops to Building Autonomous Teams and Handling In-team Conflict sessions, we provide a range of solutions that empower your team to breathe your values, work together, create safe psychological spaces, and make the work environment a place to learn, build and celebrate sales, account management and growth as a foundation to delivering customer excellence.

Benefit from an extraordinary workplace

  • Support higher levels of individual, team, and organisational engagement and accountability
  • Simplify management by boosting individual, team and corporate commitment
  • Build teams that are able to adapt and willing to experiment
  • Create an achievable plan for effective, accountable working and productivity in your business
  • Boost your brand reputation to improve recruitment and retention

"The analysis conducted by Barry and the team was really insightful. We just weren't aware that our business was as transactional as it is."

Small business owner

"Good session yesterday, Barry. I really enjoyed it. I particularly liked the shifts from Order Taker to Business Partner. Next week, we will get the team to commit to some new habits."

Luke, Sales Manager

“Nothing could be improved, it went really smoothly, was very informative and fun”

Clone Media and SwagPack session

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