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Designing and delivering accelerated, sustainable growth

Fast-growing businesses need a structure. New people, new teams and new functions all bring complexity to your business. It also brings richness of experience and expertise – harness that in the right places and you put your business in the take-off zone.

Deciding how best to organise and coordinate activities and workflows to deliver the outcomes that match your growth strategy is fundamental to this success. And here’s where we can help.

We believe that the best organisational design engages the people within your business to deliver your strategic objectives. We put people at the heart of any design, understanding that, alongside digitalisation, technology and process, this is the way to build a thriving business.

Simply managing the complex

Every organisation progresses through multiple developmental phases, requiring different artefacts and practices to support culture, customers, and people experience. This can introduce complexity into your business, and that’s fine. We believe in simple language and processes, but we know that it can be dangerous to over-simplify the issues. So we encourage you to embrace your complexity and see how it can add value to your organisation.

  • Create your optimal business model and route to sustainable growth
  • Understand your target customers and their role in your growth
  • Develop a customer-centric focus that promotes expansion
  • Improve your leadership impact, so you bring your people with you
  • Develop new ways of working, making decisions, managing teams, collaborating, and handling conflict to help you scale manageably

How we can help

It can be difficult to see how this will work in your business. Here are some examples of how overarching organisational design can engage leaders and teams, managing change that’s driven by fast growth, new investment or M&A activity.

Our solutions start with some pre-engagement surveys and then as we create the foundations for change, we create ongoing content and updates. As part of this exercise, your organisation members get access to our premium-member community so they can really benefit from additional expertise and share peer-to-peer best practice.

"I think the content and approach were well balanced. I have been to many of these days, but this was definitely one of the best and most enjoyable! 10/10”
- Clone Media
Leadership support – project specific and ongoing

We have a range of support that can help tackle leadership issues on an ongoing basis or for specific challenges as a project. We begin with a series of leadership workshops where we critically look at the foundations of organisational design, examine what’s needed for creating and nurturing the culture of growth, enabling a growth mindset and accelerating customer-centric growth. We also look at how leaders can spearhead this change and offer coaching and individual support to enhance the programme’s benefits.

Working with teams

When working with teams, we offer a range of participative workshops designed to encourage your team to embrace change and play an active part in building new ways of working. This inclusive approach is highly energising and empowering. It taps into the individual passion that people have for their roles to enable collective success.

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