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We stimulate and support business founders to achieve scaleup growth through embracing the collective strengths of your people. We help you engage your teams in shaping your growth strategy and developing a culture for accelerated scaleup growth. By actively involving your team in developing greater operational effectiveness, finance management and customer-centric propositions, we help you create an environment where your people can thrive and do their best work. You’ve built your business by being bold, imaginative and disruptive. Now you’re ready to take your business to the next level. It's time to find out how far you can go.

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Unleash your scaleup growth potential

For you, right now, scaleup growth is the thing. Getting more customers, more sign-ups, more users, more turnover, more profit. To do that, you need a sustainable structure and fully engaged people.

Traditional business growth approaches often result in dull corporate environments, where work is a joyless, miserable exchange of time for money. Outdated structures, bureaucracy, and power plays strip many modern workplaces of a sense of purpose, connection, or belonging.

In today’s volatile business environment, we believe the most successful organisations are agile and adaptive. They understand you can’t just grow by being more efficient – and their leaders know that when their whole team is engaged with the process of change and growth, they can create a place where people thrive and do their best work.

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"My leadership coach is excellent. She has helped me identify areas I think are important to work on and given me practical tools I can use immediately. I always enjoy the conversational nature of our sessions and she's enabled me to uncover some really interesting insights about myself and my work."
Simon Drury

Simon Drury

Co-founder of SwagPack

"After almost a decade in recruitment I've had external and internal training many times. This is BY FAR the best development I've had. The personal one to one sessions as well as the team coaching was really useful. I've learnt a large amount about 'running a desk'. I couldn't recommend working with Work Extraordinary more."
Seb Osborne

Seb Osborne

Head of Private Equity, Gresham Hunt Executive

"Thank you for the exceptional support and expertise you've provided. Your knowledge, tactics, strategies, and support have been invaluable in developing our future leaders. It's now up to them to implement and apply this knowledge in their day-to-day activities. Everything is going well on our end, and the metaphorical 'sat nav' is indeed guiding us."
Christian Osborne-Mansfield

Christian Osborne-Mansfield

Founder of Aetheria Group, BOS Outsourcing, Frontline Health Professionals

"It was a wonderful experience with Barry on 1:1 sessions as he helped me with areas which were unidentified to me and developed me according to what is needed to align effectively with my company's goals and strategy."
Zainab Khan

Zainab Khan

Operations Director, BOS Outsourcing

"A great resource for teams at scaleup stage, looking to accelerate their growth in a sustainable way, whilst being prepared for the challenges that come with this. Really made us consider a number of areas in greater depth and reflect on what direction we were taking the business in and how we get there. An excellent, engaging and useful programme, all round."
Dal Heer

Dal Heer

Operations Director, Gresham Hunt Recruitment

Barry McNeill

A little bit about us

Through our scaleup growth consulting support, leadership coaching and development programmes and our team development support, we inspire our clients to develop innovative and creative work environments where people can thrive. Our diverse team of organisational and leadership development specialists, occupational psychologists, and executive coaches help you embrace the collective strengths of your people to build great businesses.

Together, we enable the leadership teams of growing B2B and professional services businesses to make bold decisions on leading their teams and making work extraordinary.

Our founder, Barry McNeill, is an organisational design, leadership, and culture development specialist with over 25 years of consulting experience across a diverse range of sectors.

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