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Expanding leadership capacity to deliver business growth

The role of a leader in a growing enterprise is different from being a founder in an early-stage start-up. In start-up mode, you wear so many hats, are involved in everything, and call all the shots. But as the organisation grows, you must bring in new talent to deliver more complex customer solutions and more scalable outputs.

Scaling enterprise leaders need to develop and adapt faster than the growth of the enterprise. That’s a tough ask. But falling behind will put a barrier in the way of your enterprise’s potential.

At Work Extraordinary, we believe that to maximise growth, leaders need to think ‘people first’, creating stimulating and vibrant work environments where teams can be truly creative and engaged with delivering the things you need to grow.

The best leaders realise the potential in their teams, recognise others' autonomy and inspire full participation in decision making.

We call this a ‘servant leadership mindset’ and it’s one of the most challenging leadership transitions you can make. Leaders who make this shift go on to run highly engaged businesses with a growth mindset that delivers on even the most challenging goals.

Benefit from an extraordinary mindset

  • Understand how leadership style can positively impact growth
  • Shift from founder to servant leader – essential for scaling
  • Create a leadership team that drives business growth and transformation
  • Deliver better decision-making for your growth strategy
  • Establish growth-focused teams that are engaged productive

How we can help

Successful growth requires focused leadership. Problems with growth and scaling are often down to leaders becoming bottlenecks – for a number of reasons. Working on leadership approaches will help to release that bottleneck and put you in the best position to grow.

We offer three main leadership solutions: Leadership Intensives, Flagship leadership programme and ongoing Leadership coaching.

Leadership support

Take part in our series of 3-hour leadership development intensive sessions, in either a face-to-face or virtual environment. We deliver high impact, immersive and energising leadership experiences where we examine authentic leadership building self-awareness as a key leadership strength. The sessions also examine how leaders can create and communicate a compelling leadership vision and how to lead without ego, develop high performing, autonomous teams and build engagement and alignment so your whole team is connecting with purpose.

Our Flagship leadership programme helps you to discover a new era of leadership based on new thinking about strategy and organisational growth, using a Mindset Advantage and learning how to adapt a growth strategy in today’s work environment.

Our ongoing leadership coaching are focused on a programme of six sessions with one of our leadership coaches. We become your critical friend and tailor these sessions to work to your agenda, aligning your business and personal priorities.


"I am so impressed with the level of insight that you managed to facilitate, especially in such a short space of time. This vision will really help us begin to think through what we mean by leadership in our business."

Kate, People Director

"My leadership coach is excellent. She has helped me identify areas I think are important to work on and given me practical tools I can use immediately. I always enjoy the conversational nature of our sessions and she's enabled me to uncover some really interesting insights about myself and my work."

Co-founder and business owner

"Meeting with my leadership coach has been a real eye opener and I feel I have hugely benefited from our discussions."

Co-founder and business owner

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