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Driving growth through innovative business model design and networked teams

Far too often, business leaders hire new people, create new teams and establish new functions without planning the organisational design. Increasing headcount, new operational processes across evolving functions results in escalating social complexity. To deal with this complexity, we must decide how best to organise and coordinate the activities and workflows to deliver the best outcomes.

We believe that organisational design should deliver your strategic objectives AND create a human-centred operating model. Even though the acceleration of technology and digitalisation is a primary driver of many organisation redesigns or new ventures, we put people at the heart of any design. The likelihood of establishing an integrated customer and people-centric model without intentional and reflective work is practically nil. 

Every organisation progresses through multiple developmental phases, requiring different artefacts and practices to support your culture, customer, and people experience. To meet your unique organisational context, our team of experts will partner with you to energise you and your teams around how you face off into the market.

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How we work with you to maximise impact

Our D4E framework is a highly flexible, experiment-driven method to help you surface current and desired ways of working. We believe that every business context is unique; there is no blueprint that you can implement without exploring what might work for you, experimenting with ideas, and evaluating the impact before expanding across the business.


Our Organisation Growth Advantage Discovery system is a comprehensive series of diagnostics and insights enabling us to identify the primary drivers of performance, your leadership mindsets, and the team climate. Using proprietary surveys and state-of-the-art network analysis techniques, our tools bring underlying beliefs and ways of working to the fore to create a shared understanding of our starting point.


Having established a deeper understanding of your current situation, we work with the full organisation to explore ways to develop your business model, traditional and progressive ways of organising, and how you could face off into the market to maximise your impact and growth opportunities. Through collaborative ideation and prototyping, teams work through new possibilities for human-centred organisational design, placing employee experience and customer-centricity at the heart of growth plans.


From ideation to testing, the experiment phase enables innovative practices to emerge and be tested. By designing discreet experiments and trials, everyone in the organisation can learn what works for the growing enterprise and what doesn't. Teams are required to design ways to measure impact and bring insights back into Growth Advantage workshops.


Rather than being an isolated 'phase' of engagement, the evaluation is an ongoing, iterative process right through the organisation design and subsequent development phases. How effectively teams evaluate the impact of experiments will influence and shape the effectiveness of the emerging organisational structure and model for delivering value and impact to your market. 


As you continue to experiment and evaluate, it is critical to expand the team and organisation's capacity for continuous adaptation and evolution. Progressive systems of organisational design require all participants to engage and take ownership of driving successful outcomes. Self-management, networks of teams, and innovative ecosystems necessitate new mindsets, leadership styles, communication, and decision-making. Our measure of success is in building this additional capacity into the organisation through expanding possibilities and ways of working beyond traditional frames of reference to create an organisational context where people can truly thrive. 

Business benefits

  • A sharper focus on the optimal business model and routes to market
  • Clarity on your target customer segments and best approaches for customer engagement
  • A customer-centric organisation structure and design
  • Increased awareness of leadership style and impact
  • Mechanisms and a playbook to agree on ways of working, making decisions, managing teams, collaborating, and handling conflict


The Organisation Growth Advantage Discovery starts from £6,995 (depending on your organisation's size), with the remainder of the programme being fully customised around your specific needs and insights.

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