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Expanding leadership capacity to deliver business growth

The role of a leader in a growing enterprise is different from being a founder in an early-stage start-up. In start-up mode, you have to wear so many hats, be involved in everything, and call all the shots. But as the organisation grows, you have to bring in new talent to deliver more complex customer solutions and more scalable outputs. The leadership of a scaling enterprise needs to be developing and adapting faster than the growth of the enterprise, or else will quickly become a constraint and a barrier to fulfilling the enterprise potential.

At Work Extraordinary, we believe that to maximise growth, leaders need to think ‘people first’, putting ego to one side to create stimulating and vibrant work environments where people can be truly creative and engaged with delivering on your brand promise. Leading teams and individuals to fully realise their potential requires a willingness to recognise others' autonomy and inspire full participation and contribution.

Letting go of ego and adopting a servant leadership mindset is one of our clients' most challenging transitions. Our team delivers high-impact, blended, fully customised leadership development and coaching that enables leaders to make significant shifts in their mindset and behaviours.

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How we develop leaders to drive engagement and growth

Our D4E framework is a highly flexible, experiment-driven method to help you surface current and desired ways of working. We believe that every business context is unique, and every leader is also unique. We work with individuals and leadership teams to understand their starting point and create a tailored leadership development journey in line with the growth vision.


Our Leadership Growth Advantage Discovery system uses proprietary diagnostics and robust psychometric tools to help leaders understand their leadership mindset, personality, behaviour, or strengths. Our team can access a vast range of valid and reliable tools, ensuring that we can provide the most valuable insights into where you and your leadership team are currently.


Armed with deeper self-awareness, we work with leaders in either a team or 1:1 development context to explore the connection with purpose, aspirations, and desired impact. Developing leaders is not just about a superficial exploration of some models and techniques, but deep work on an individual and team level to explore values, underlying beliefs, and how these manifest in behaviour and impact on others. 


Our ask of participants is that they join our team or 1:1 programmes with a willingness to experiment. Far too often, ego and concerns over what others think inhibit leaders from trying new skills or adapting their style. We create safe places for leaders to experiment, building confidence in new approaches before trying them for real.


Through working with us, leaders can evaluate how different approaches are working and enabling them to achieve their desired impact. Constant feedback, reflection, and insights enable development to become an ongoing, iterative process rather than a one-off event.


Our leadership development ethos is about enabling leaders to develop leaders within their organisation. As you continue to grow and expand, you need highly engaged, driven individuals who can step up and lead on new initiatives, experiments, products, and market opportunities. This approach builds increased organisational capacity to respond to and adapt to the increasingly complex world we operate within. We can all be leaders in some way. Let your team lead.

Business benefits

  • Increased awareness of leadership style and impact
  • The transformational shift from founder to servant leader
  • Increased effectiveness of the leadership team to drive business growth and transformation
  • Better decision-making
  • Improved team engagement and outcomes


The Leadership Growth Advantage Discovery starts with the Leadership Mindset Profiler and 1:1 feedback from just £695 per person.  

Executive coaching and blended, modular leadership development programmes: POA.

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