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Creating highly engaging workplaces where people thrive

According to global engagement experts, Gallup, and ADP Research, as much as 85% of the global workforce is disengaged at work. Employee engagement is vital to productivity and growth as this is the energy that people bring to what they do daily. A drop of just 1% in employee engagement increases the likelihood of staff attrition by 45% (ADP Research Institute, Global study of engagement, 2019). As well as the direct cost of backfilling lost roles, team departures in a growing enterprise can significantly impact other team members.

Based on the current UK working and life expectancy averages, the typical person spends over half of their lives at work: 43 years. Imagine if it were you, and for 43 years of your life, work was a drain, a frustrating exchange of your time for money, without any sense of satisfaction or joy. That is the reality for too many. We should not tolerate this waste of human potential and talent. Do not let this be your employee's lived experience.  
Instead, we help our clients create work environments where people feel they can use their strengths to do their best work, where they can share ideas and try new things out without any fear of repercussion or rebuke. Our leadership and talent experts give you the tools to engage, listen, and develop high-performing teams: to co-create great work cultures: to make work extraordinary.


How we facilitate extraordinary work environments

The Work Extraordinary D4E framework enables leaders and teams to explore, experiment, and evaluate new ways of working together to create environments where people and ideas can thrive. We work with teams and individuals to identify current blockers and create opportunities to experiment with alternative approaches that improve productivity and growth outcomes while making groups and individuals find greater satisfaction in what they do.


Our Team Growth Advantage Discovery system uses proprietary diagnostics and state-of-the-art social network analytics to identify business enablers and blockers to how your operation works. Through sharing insights, our team enables organisational discovery around what could be different and what is possible.


Taking these insights, we facilitate your teams to explore alternative ways of collaborating, solving problems, and shaping new workflows. We encourage teams to consider everything as a possible target for change, enabling your people to work through multiple 'what if' scenarios to help explore alternative working environments. Through this iterative process of exploration, teams practice adaptability of thinking, communication, and interacting, all core capabilities that need to be developed for complex, adaptive organisations.


Having worked through the 'what if's, teams and leaders agree on a small number of experiments. We recommend that you do not try to do too many simultaneously, as there can often be unintended consequences from working practice experiments. We support teams with experiment design and encourage everyone concerned to allow the experiment's full agreed time before passing judgement. Each experiment should help your people learn, adapt, and iterate. Leaders need to celebrate failures as well as successes to support the learning organisation through growth.


Evaluation is an ongoing process throughout the entire programme. Teams and leaders should regularly review and evaluate all the activities and bring new insights into Growth Advantage Team workshops to share new ways of thinking and stimulate more avenues for experimentation. Impact needs to be considered in both the short-term shifts in employee experience and the longer-term culture and climate of the growing enterprise.


Enhancing employee experience through the D4E methodology builds adaptability and experimentation into the very fabric of how your business works. Not only does this develop engagement and stronger collaborative practices, but it builds team and organisational resilience and capacity. You can then continue to be self-sufficient in growing and expanding into diversified products, customer segments, or markets.

Business benefits

  • Increased awareness of leadership style, mindset, and impact on team climate and engagement
  • Full support for change through a series of practical, hands-on team workshops to identify areas for improvement and monitor progress
  • Improved productivity and growth outcomes through higher levels of individual, team, and organisational engagement
  • Individual engagement and development plan for each team member
  • Increased team adaptability and experimentation skills
  • A fully customised blueprint for the blockers and enablers to effective working and productivity in your business


The Team Growth Advantage Discovery starts from £4,995 (depending on your organisation's size), with the remainder of the programme being fully customised around your specific needs and insights.

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