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Introducing the leadership mindset profiler

Growth is hard. Particularly rapid, accelerated growth. That can be very hard. Why? It's mainly because you can't keep doing everything yourself. You have to make the shift from founder to leader.

In our conversations with founders and VCs, we find tech firms struggling to achieve their growth potential. It is not because they don't have a great idea or a strong market message. They are trapped in one or more of the growth traps.

To escape the growth traps, you and your leadership team need to create a highly engaged workforce that is 100% behind what you are trying to achieve.

This means:

  • Leading in a way that enables others to flourish
  • Creating collective purpose for the growing team
  • Making it safe for the team to innovate
  • Developing adaptability as a core organisation capability
  • Ensuring you and your teams can navigate complexity well

Our proprietary leadership mindset profiler gives you an accelerated route to understanding your own default beliefs and how you need to think differently to take your business to the next growth stage.

What to expect

The online diagnostic is quick and easy to complete. In about 20 minutes, you will have completed the online questionnaire and have received your invite for a 1:1 deep dive into your leadership mindset and beliefs.

Through the discussion, you will gain insight into your need for control and openness to allowing others the freedom to participate. You will also explore your belief structure and identify key priorities for making shifts in your leadership style.

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The Growth Advantage Diagnostics Suite

The leadership mindset profiler is just one of our growing suite of Growth Advantage diagnostics. This suite includes:

  • Our proprietary leadership mindset profiler and team climate review
  • A range of BPS-accredited psychometric and personality instruments, including Wave, OPQ, 16PF, MBTI, Leadership Judgement Indicator, Strengthscope, Lumina Spark
  • The latest data science-driven insights, including Organisational Network Analysis and AI/Natural Language Processing techniques

For further information about our Growth Advantage Diagnostics Suite, contact the team below.

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